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18 September 2016 @ 02:29 pm
Carmilla 3.01 – 3.08  
It’s back! I finally get to watch Season 3 of Carmilla. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I like that the creators are ending the show with this season. I’ve seen way too many TV shows that just go on and on for as many seasons as they can squeeze out until everything is horrible and you want the show to put everyone out of its misery. I like it much more when stories have a beginning, middle, and an end.

Immediate reactions and thoughts on the effects of being vampired in the Carmilla universe are behind a spoiler cut, since the season is still so new.

I love the library. It’s fantastic. I wouldn’t want to be stuck living there but I would totally be all right with a one-night slumber party.

Laura’s coping through crafting makes me laugh. It also reminds me of her puppet stage in Season 1.

OMG Theo, shut up already. You screwed up with your choices. You really screwed up. (The last episode I’ve seen as of this posting is when vampire!Danny and Theo turn up at the library and Danny tells him to shut up with his formal dialogue. Even undead and lobotomized, she still has no patience for a Zeta.

I love that Carmilla is 100% on with the idea of killing her mother. Which leads me to…

Somebody is going to die this season and I have a feeling they’re going to stay dead. Will they have to kill Perry in order to defeat the Dean? Is there going to be another “they might be dead” for Carmilla or even Laura?

Carmilla’s reaction to the water supply being turned into “predates opposable thumbs dead” is great.

J.P. hasn’t been seen or mentioned at all so far. That does not mean nothing. He goes after Perry at the end of Season 2 when our heroes are escaping after killing Vordenberg. He doesn’t make it back. Was Will really completely gone after LaFontaine shoved J.P.’s consciousness into his body? Did he figure out that something was wrong with possessed!Perry. But so far the Dean hasn’t had him appear as one of her minions and she hasn’t mentioned him at all. If he did figure out what was happening, did he escape the Dean’s clutches? What’s he been up to so far this season? I kind of want to really see him again but I don’t want to wish on a Monkey’s Paw.

Also, where is Mel? Unlike Theo, she realized at the end of Season 2 that she screwed up. Will she turn out to have been organizing some kind of resistance?

Haven’t seen Kirsch at all. I continue to hold out hope.

Mattie’s back and looking as fabulous as ever. I hope she’s not being controlled by the Dean.

Thoughts on Danny: I don’t like the new hairstyle. It looks all right on the actress but I miss the long red hair. It turns out I also have many thoughts on vampires in the Carmilla universe after the Season 2 finale. Does anybody who gets vampired undergo a major personality change? The Dean has had plenty of time and opportunity to miss with Danny’s head from the time of resurrection to Danny’s appearance in the library in this season. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this has happen, given how Danny acts and talks about having been abandoned after she was murdered. Also asking if Laura will like her now that she’s a “bad girl.” This is totally the sort of subconscious thoughts lurking in Danny’s head that the Dean would be totally willing to manipulate and play up.

BUT Danny was acting “off” from the first moment of her resurrection. Did this happen when Carmilly, Mattie, and Will were turned into vampires? At one point in Season 2 Mattie makes the point that she and Carmilla aren’t the same people they used to be, but that could be put down to living and changing over multiple centuries. But how did they act immediately after they were changed?