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03 September 2016 @ 06:40 pm
Carmilla Season 3  
The trailer for Season 3 of Carmilla is up! It starts airing on September 15. Thoughts behind the cut.

This time it's airing in three chunks rather than two short episodes every week. It'll be nice to be able to watch longer segments but part of me will miss guessing what's going to happen next every few days.

Everything looks awesome and I was beaming through the whole thing.

Hi, Mattie! I'm glad she got resurrected even though it's for a surely-terrible reason.

Laura's dad! Why the hell did he come to Silas, how did he make it onto the campus, and has he been watching Laura's previous broadcasts?

I can't tell if that's Kirsch asleep in the background of a shot or not. At the end of Season 2 I was torn between hoping that he was dead so that nothing else awful could happen to him, and that he would be a vampire as well but turn out to be just as much of a puppy!vampire as he was a human and that the Dean just gave up in disgust.

I love that the whole season will be taking place in the weird library. Though are our heroes stuck hiding out in the library the whole time and if so, where are the changes of clothes coming from?

Crap, I really need to finish posting my thoughts/meta on Season 2 and Season 0 that I started working on...last year?